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Sanne Thijs

"De fanfare" my first childrensbook

"De fanfare" my first childrensbook

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In 2014 I participated in a project called Studio Sesam to get more representation of ethnicities in childrensbooks. It was a marvellous project. And that is how my first childrensbook was published. 

And you guys are so lucky because I still have a small pile of these chidrensbook laying around to sell. Do keep in mind that the text is only in Dutch. 

And as an extra bonus there is also a second story on the other side of the book written and drawn by two other people in the Sesam project.

If you are interested in this project and want to know what kind of books they have more,
take a look at:

Illustrated by me
Written by Alice van de Geest
ISBN: 978 90 823 45513



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