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Full of Freckles

Bundle Selling stock - 1 left

Bundle Selling stock - 1 left

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To not have a lot of stock over at the end of February and not having to throw it in the trash I am selling discounted bundles of stock. 

Maybe it is also fun to add in the already packed bundles here
You get an automatic discount on them when also ordering this bundle. 

In this bundle you will get:
10 postcards from each of 12 designs  (not the syrup lady or the overal pattern)
10 sticky notes honey
10 sticky notes Chocolate
20 sketchbooks
5 memoblocks
5 todolists
5 grocery lists
10 birthday calendars
4 2024 desktop calendars
5 duo stickers sheets
10 duo stickers wrongly printed

PS: I forgot to have the postcards in the picture. So they are added in the real package. ;-)

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