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Wendy Scheerlinck
Architect, surface designer, boy-mama. Belgium based.

"A tidy line is a tidy mind" - almost a year ago I started my journey on finding my true passion. After collecting my thoughts I (re)discovered that drawing was the only thing I've always wanted to do...I only forgot to do it for about 20 years, because there were other things in life that took over. Today I find peacefulness and satisfaction in illustrating. Havin' tidied up my mind made me return to my true self. In my own drawing style I inserted the 'movement' I find in the Full of Freckles illustrations, which resulted in this idea of laundry blowing in the wind. I hope you like it!"


On earth since 1997, Dutch, Sc Heerenveen supporter, book junkie, HSP, creative, tea addict, introvert, animal lover, day dreamer & night thinker.

"Luthina's illustrations are colourful takes on what inspires her. From animals to motivational quotes, she depicts the beauty and fun found in everyday life."


positively NUDE - Nigel Rudkin
Fatpositive artist - shortlisted for the Refreshart Award 2019. www.nigelrudkinart.com

This piece was painted from a most striking, wonderful photo of four fat and fabulous Brazilian women who rock Instagram with their beauty and confidence, @ataldacintialira@a.caaarol@claudia_baht@_juliana.yanez_ taken by the very talented photographer Barbara Simões, @bahsimoes.

It was a challenging piece for me, featuring 4 figures not just the one I normally paint, (although I have done a couple of pieces with 2 figures). It took much longer than normal, nearly a month from first sketch to completion as I had to paint each figure individually and let it dry, one stage at a time. My preferred medium, watercolour, applied “wet on wet”, (very dilute paint on wetted watercolour paper), can lead to a lot of bleed if not controlled - normally that’s not such an issue but with such different skin tones and differences between the figures it was a new territory for me.
The very differences in skin tone, size, where each model carries her weight, the differences in height, etc that I was confronted with during the painting of this piece made me reflect a great deal about what I hoped to achieve and say with the piece. Those differences led me to think about the infinite range of differences between people - an arbitrary point beyond which someone’s worth is deemed by some people to be “less” is utterly unacceptable. 
Imagine for a moment we’re not seeing 4 women but a 100 - where is that line to be drawn? Who has the right to draw that line? Depending on where you would personally fit in that line would surely determine your viewpoint.... Noone has the right to draw that line - live and let live - thin, fat, super fat, black, white, brown, straight, gay, bi, non-binary, able-bodied or disabled - each one of us has a myriad of potential labels - how about we just live as who and how we are...?
Completed painting, “The Four Graces”, 840mm x 590mm, 19/11/18, mixed watercolour / gouache. 


Neoqlassical Art 🌀
🎨 Artiste! - Commissions OPEN! Ask! 💕➕Body Positive! 🦋 It’s always 11:11 here! 💕 v Order a custom portrait! neoqlassicalart.com/contact

I find it liberating to see plus size representations of popular characters, because I know it’s what my chubby child self needed to see. She needed to know her body was amazing just as it was. She needed to feel seen. She deserved to picture a future as a fat and happy woman instead of looking forward to the day she would be “older and skinny”. And I hope that the art I make will help shift peoples’ perceptions of fatness. 💕


Zebedea Kyla

I don't know how to caption all these Artworks as they were made on different days and different moods. Sometimes in downpours and bright days. The first 2 Artworks were a recreation of Sanne's Inktober, Guarded and Flowing. These two artworks have touched me in a lot of ways. Guarded reminded me that I don't need other people to give myself security, and I can be my own knight and have my own armour to shine. I view Flowing as Lady Godiva. Even when you are already in a high place or in your comfort zone, in order to help somebody, you need to sacrifice some things. Lady Godiva have done this, I have done this and this was the most difficult time of my life, it cost me a lot, my grades, my rest, and my dignity. The next artworks are inspired by the Little Mermaid and the Little Ponies' Fluttershy as a chubby person. These two artworks were made on a Sunday Funday, I just wanted to try on a different mood to my Art and different styles to portray the two. The last one is a Self Portrait, Fat and Proud. I may not look like it but I'm Fat for my age, which is 209.439 lbs (95 kg) and I'm only 18. I rarely do self portraits because I don't think I am ever worth of being a work of art. But, Full of Freckles reminds me to be proud, be positive and be beautiful.


Leslie Saurus▪️illustrator

▪️Illustraties, cartoons, raamtekeningen, workshops ▪️Eco & fair = ♥️ ▪️☮️📍 Ghent, Belgium ▪️ Opdracht? Voorstel? Vragen? 📬 lesliesaurus@hotmail.com www.lesliesaurus.com

Leslie is a personal friend of Sanne. She has an awesome drawing style that she uses for funny cartoons of her every day quirky life. But for today she used her fun doodling art style in combination with her love of cats to draw this full of freckles lady. Don’t you just want to cuddle up with her?