Full of Freckles portrait- Marker illustration - (only digital)

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Have you ever wanted to be a Full of Freckles illustration yourself? Or maybe you want to give an Full of Freckles illustration to that one special person as a unique gift.

This is a quick and cheaper alternative to the more luxurious and detailed Full of Freckles portrait. This portrait is drawn in about 1 hour (less or more, mostly more) and translates one photograph that you submit into the Full of Freckles style.

You will get a high resolution digital file in the mail with this illustration. You can use it to print where and how you want. 

Once you placed the order I will send you an email to require the photograph to be drawn.

The drawing will be finished in 7 working days and will be send to you by email. 
And on top of this you can have this illustration featured on the Full of Freckles social media with a link to your own social media. But only if you want to. ;-)

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